Light Beer - by the bottle

Bud Light, Florida (4.2%)

Light body, refreshing flavour
$5.95 (330ml)

Bud Light Lime, Florida (4%)

Light body, tropical notes, lime zest
$5.95 (330ml)

Canadian 67, On (3%)

Light beer, 67 Calories
$5.95 (341ml)

Cracked Canoe, NB (4%)

Light tasting lager
$5.95 (341ml)

Coors Light, On (4%)

Subtle Fruit Notes, Apple/Banana
$5.95 (341ml)

BEERS OF INTEREST - by the can or bottle

Green Apple, On (4%)

Pilsner with Apple Essence
$6.45 (473ml)

Nickel Brook Gluten Free, On (6%)

Pale Ale Hopping, Pear Essence
$6.45 (473ml)

Heinekin, Holland (5%)

$6.50 (341ml)

Rickard’s Red, On (5%)

$5.95 (341ml)

Corona Extra, Mexico (4.6%)

$6.50 (330ml)

Rickards White, On (5%)

Creamy Ale, Orange Banana Notes
$5.65 (341ml)

Scofferhofer, Germany (2.5%)

Grapefruit wheat beer
$6.75 (330ml)

LAGER - by the bottle

Kronenburg 1664, Alsace (5%)

Herb Scents, Toasty Notes, Hoppy
$6.45 (330ml)

Stella Artois, Belgium (5%)

Citrus Aroma, Spicy Hop Finish
$6.95 (330ml)

Beck’s, Germany (5%)

Barley, Hops & Water
$6.45 (330ml)

Budweiser, Florida (5%)

Classic American Aroma Hops
$5.95 (341ml)

Steam Whistle, On (5%)

Hop Aroma, Malt Flavor, Crisp Finish
$5.95 (341ml)

Red Stripe, Jamaica (4.7%)

Cereal Aromas, Sweet & Sour Flavors
$6.75 (330ml)

Red Stripe, Jamaica (4.7%)

Cereal Aromas, Sweet & Sour Flavors
$6.75 (330ml)

Canadian, On (5%)

Prairie Barley, Clean Crisp Finish
$5.95 (341ml)

ALE - by the bottle

Red Cap Ale, On (5%)

Sweet Ale, No Bitterness
$5.95 (341ml)

STOUT - by the can

Guinness Draught Stout, Ireland (4.2%)

Ruby Tint, Creamy Head
$7.50 (440ml)


Babbling Brook’s Root Beer

Better Bitters Brewing
Company, Burlington, On
$4.25 (341ml)

Beck’s NA

$4.25 (341ml)

HOUSE BREWS - by the pint

Pepperwood Cream Ale

Clean, Malty Nose, Light Tannins
$6.95 (16oz)

Pepperwood Pale Ale

Evident Malt and Hop Flavors
$6.95 (16oz)

Pepperwood Extra Special Bitter

Malty Caramel Aroma, Bitter Finish
$6.95 (16oz)

Pepperwood Framboise

Raspberry Nose, Creamy, Dry
$6.95 (16oz)

Pepperwood Monkey Brown

Gentle Sweetness, Nutty Character
$6.95 (16oz)

DOMESTIC - by the pint

Goose Island Honkers Ale, U.S.A

Fruity hop aroma, rich malt
$7.95 (20oz)

Bud Light, U.S.A

Light pale lager
$7.95 (20oz)

Rolling Rock Extra Pale Lager, USA

Blend of Barley, Rice & Corn Malt
$7.95 (20oz)

Shock Top Belgian White, U.S.A

Wheat Ale with orange
$7.95 (20oz)

Alexander Keiths IPA, NS

Mildly Bitter, Black Liqourice Notes
$7.65 (20oz)

Goose Island Endless IPA, U.S.A

Fresh oranges & citrus, mild body
$7.95 (20oz)

CRAFT BREWERIES - by the pint

Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour APA, ON

Hoppy Flavor, Crisp Dry Finish
$6.95 (16oz)

Steam Whistle Pilsner, On

Malt Flavor, Clean Crisp Finish
$7.95 (20oz)

Cameron's Lager , On

Smooth, Clean & Crisp
$7.95 (20oz)

Waterloo Original Dark , On

Looks Dark, Tastes Light
$7.95 (20oz)

20 Valley Shipman's Corner Cream Ale, On

Crisp Malty and Herbal Flavour
$7.95 (20oz)

Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale, On

Light Ale Notes, Lager Finish
$7.95 (20oz)

Railway City Iron Spike Blonde, On

Honey, spice, lemon zest, citric hops
$7.95 (20oz)

Lake of Bays Spark House Ale, On

Smokey, Nutty, Toffee Notes
$7.95 (20oz)

100 Step Stout, On

Roasted Nuts, Followed by Malt
$7.95 (20oz)

Sleeman Original, On

Floral Hop Aroma, Refreshing Finish
$7.65 (20oz)

Pommies Dry Cider, On

Apples, Crisp, Gluten Free
$6.45 (20oz)

IMPORTED - by the pint

Sapporo, Japan

$7.95 (16oz)

Stella Artois, Belgium

$8.95 (20oz)


Any 3 house or draught choices

3x 5oz glasses
House $6.75 Draught $7.75